Rumatec® Top Dress


Jumpstart Stressed Cattle

Help Stressed Cattle With This Top Dress


  • Get stressed cattle on feed
  • Provide nutrients rapidly
  • Return cattle to peak performance

  • Formulated With


CoMax® the microbial catalyst

  • Enhance rumen function
  • Promote appetite

SoluMin® mineral technology

  • Makes minerals highly soluble
  • Makes minerals very available

IntegraYeast and Enzymes

  • Enhance fiber digestion


  • Support rumen function

B vitamins

  • Enhance appetite


Directions for Use

Calves and Replacement Heifers:
Feed 0.5 ounce per head per day.

Stressed Animals:
Feed double the above amount.

Lactating Cows:
Feed 1-2 ounces per head per day.

Dry Cows:
Feed 0.5-1 ounce per head per day.

Name Product # Sizes
Rumatec® Top Dress 6660-50 50 lb