Elite Relief


Promote Equine Performance

Improve Performance of Horses of All Ages with this Well Balanced Feed


  • Improves fiber digestability
  • Support gut health
  • Supports a healthy coat and hooves
  • Higher fat content for maintaining weight
  • An easy-to-digest pellet for performance horses

  • Formulated With


Synergy essence

  • Promotes overall health
  • Promotes digestability

CoMax the microbial catalyst

  • Enhances fiber digestability
  • Enhances utilization of vitamin B12

ActiFibe prebiotic fiber

  • A food source for beneficial bacteria
  • Promotes a balanced gut microflora


  • Promotes efficiency
  • Improve digestion

Natural Antacids

  • Promote digestion


Directions for Use

Light work: 1-2 Pounds/Head/Day
Foals: 1-2 Pounds/Head/Day
Heavy Work: 3-4 Pounds/Head/Day
Hard Keepers: 3-4 Pounds/Head/Day
Senior Horses Needing Weight: 3-5 Pounds/Head Day

Name Product # Sizes
Elite Relief 7528 50 lb