Rumatec® Feedlot Balancer


Promote Gain

Enhance Cost of Gain with this High Calcium Mineral Supplement


  • Enhances performance during any phase of production
  • Low inclusion rate
  • Balanced trace minerals and vitamins
  • Flexible and effective with various feedstuffs
  • Available with Rumensin

  • Formulated With


CoMax® the microbial catalyst

  • Stimulate rumen bacteria
  • Enhance fiber digestibility

20% Calcium

  • Effective with a variety of co-products
  • Provides flexibility


  • Enhances rumen function
  • Promotes digestibility and rumen fermentation

Organic Trace Minerals

  • Highly available
  • Overcome antagonisms


  • Reduce effects of stress


Directions for Use

Feed at the rate of 0.50 - 0.70 lbs per head per day.

Name Product # Sizes
Feedlot Balancer 6101-50 50 lb
Feedlot Balancer 6100-50 50 lb


Ralco Rumatec® 6100 Feedlot Balancer
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