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Grow/Finish Nutrition

EnMAX Grow/Finish Diets

  • Lower soybean meal usage, while still hitting pig's amino acid needs

  • Lower heat increment diets, less internal heat stress from digestion

  • Higher net energy due to a reduction in crude protein and increased carbohydrate components of the diet

  • Enzymes to more efficiently utilize nutrients

  • Less need for fat supplementation

  • Lower cost rations, protein is more expensive than carbohydrate

  • More efficient gain 

  • Flexible program, our nutritionists build programs based on the producer, not just a cookie cutter set of rations

Barn Observations

  • More uniform pigs at market

  • Reduction in water consumption due to the reduction in protein

  • Less ammonia and odor

  • Excellent growth rate and feed conversion

  • Better feed intake, especially during hot environmental temperatures

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