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Ruminant Nutrition

Rumatec Solutions

Rumatec is Ralco Nutrition’s line of nutrition solutions for ruminants. Our Rumatec products are designed to help make animals more productive and efficient leading you to a greater return on your investment.


Our team of ruminant nutritionists formulate products to meet your individual needs. Our Rumatec solutions include:

  • Line of free choice minerals

  • Feedlot balancers

  • Protein pellets

  • Sheep and goat balancers   

Feedlot and Backgrounding

  • We offer balancer meals for feedlot rations with a number of different medicated options.

  • We offer protein pellets with different concentrations of protein and different medication options.

  • Our team of nutritionists will formulate feedlot and backgrounding rations for our customers and perform projections for groups of cattle to allow you to better understand your breakeven.


  • Our line of Rumatec free choice minerals are designed to provide your cattle on pasture with the correct amount of vitamins and mineral they need to work for you.

  • We offer different minerals to meet your production goals. Our mineral all contain our patented Microbial Catalyst technology to help your cattle better utilize your cheapest resource, grass.

  • We also offer a line of products for heifer and bull development, as well as stocker cattle.


Sheep and Goat

  • Free choice minerals

  • Line of balancers

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