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Ruminant Nutrition

Services to Feed Mills and Nutrition Companies

We offer our services through partner mills and nutrition companies that work with producers to deliver our products and technologies in a way that best fits each operation. To these partners we offer:


  • Standard vitamin and mineral premix to be used for the further manufacturing of feeds

  • Custom premixes to meet specific needs

  • Services available with the purchase of our premix:

    • Formulation: Our team can assist in the formulation of products such as creep feeds, balancers, loose minerals, lick tubs, protein pellets and complete feeds. 

    • Ration Balancing: Our team can help balance feedlot and backgrounding rations for your customers as needed.

    • Tagging: Our formulation team can generate tags for the products we have formulated. These tags will contain the guaranteed analysis and list of ingredients. They will also contain any caution or warning statements that are legally required.

    • Pricing: If ingredient prices are provided, we can make adjustments to your current formulation based on the changes in pricing. This can be done bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly.

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